i know i said i was going to be gone but i couldn’t stay away

also i had to answer this i just went to see the movie last Saturday and it was fun!

but man there was only on showing in all of the Texas area there were people from out of the area. we had to sit on the floor, Emelie came along but she doesn’t even like mlp but we got to snuggle on the ground. but there was like this 6 year old with her family behind us sing all the song word for word and im like how the fuck does she know these songs?!!?

im going to say i had only two complainants going in and only two going out so it was better than i expected! 

defiant took a took with the stuff

i was also in derpy cosplay so after people kept looking then i saw this rarity through the window and i waved and her

emma and emelie were like ‘do you know her?’

me-“nope” then we went outside to wait for my mom to pick us up and the rairty was awesome and come over and gave me a hug and a few other in the group gave me brofist! 

soon i got absorbed into their group and they took a group picture. man i want to see that picture and rarity again! 

but then they started saying how they were going out to eat and i totally would’ve went if my mom didn’t come and say no when we were leaving they starting asking were we were going and i was like i have to go but always remember me!

im sure when i got in the van there were like ‘who the heck was that’

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