playing skyrim tonight

jump on the bandwagon, it five bucks and runs great on my computer

now keep in mind, i know nothing of skyrim or anything so im having hayden help me through

yeah, i already play the first part of it but i’ll go over it in the livestream

im getting twitch for this because livestream doesnt work well for me

so its going to be a while before its actully up, so keep an eye out for the stream



alright, all the portfolios of the charaters in my new upcoming comic series. follow this blog to keep up to date with it.

im going to start working on the prolouge today. now its just me making it, its made on ms paint. i have to work on rough drafts on paper. these things will take time to make but i hope you enjoy what i can produce. 

alright any questions about the comic, the charaters, anything but ask me

might do a five nights at freddy’s let play this weekend or the next

alright, i was going to personally play it.  but my friend emely really want to play so were getting it. she will probably come over this or the next weekend. i will host a stream to watch us play. or something

so yeah. i’v watched a lot of the lets play and so has she and im not a big fan of the game. so dont expect to much from us

so with that said, what other horror games do you suggest? also what recording livestreaming stuff do you suggest i use?